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International Oil & Gas Digital Forum
11th & 12th JUNE 2024
Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi.

(Theme: Downstream, midstream, upstream)
Physical(Conference & Exhibition)

Welcome Digital Technologies Transforming The Oil & Gas Sector  2024

India's large  event era Oil & Gas Digital forum connect brings all digitalization, disruption and innovation are shaping the upstream oil and gas industry, midstream, downstream. This event will analyze key challenges and opportunities facing the industry with focus on strategies for assembling a technology collaboration roadmap, data interoperability and understanding the real value of leadership in a digital world.

OGDF will look at how digital technologies are reconfiguring the operating landscape for the oil and
gas sector facilitating increased productivity, cost savings and safer operations. The conference will also provide insight on strategies and opportunities involved in digitally transforming an oil and gas organization and will cover areas including big data, IoT, cloud storage, cyber security in bringing such a shift. Enhanced oil recovery, analytics, predictive maintenance, productivity gains, enhanced asset security and performance forecasting are just some of the key advantages of adopting a digital transformation model that will be discussed at this conference.

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Key topics Oil & Gas Digital Forum 2024

Digital in Oil &Gas Industry(Downstream, Upstream, Mid-stream)

Digital Transformation as a Business Risk and Opportunity for Oil & Gas

The Next Era of Automated AI in Oil and Gas

Refinery and petrochemical in digital technology

Hybrid Satellite Connectivity: Taking Cloud Services & Applications to the Next Level

Downstream Oil & Gas Digital Solutions & Services

Technologies That Are Transforming Pipelines

Accelerating Impactful Innovation in Upstream Digital Technology

AI Assisted Asset Integrity & Performance Management

An Industry-First Live Hack of a Mobile Drilling Platform

Industrial IoT in Oil & Gas

Automation in Oil & Gas (RPA & Intelligent automation, Automating O&G supply chains, Drones in offshore drilling).

Blockchain in oil and gas industry applications challenges and future trends

Opportunities and Challenges in – Revolutionizing product development & maintenance

Leveraging digitalization, predictive and optimize maintenance processes through affordable and effective real-time application

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual reality) in Oil & Gas (Improved training, Improved maintenance).

Deploying Public and Private LTE at the Well site

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